Terms & Conditions

- Applications are open to all except employees and staff of our* PHB Group of Companies


- PMC can be used at any of our* PHB Group of Companies outlets in Malaysia only

- PMC is non-transferable and is exclusive for the use of the cardholder only 

- PMC is a privilege card and not a credit card or a charge card and must be presented before making a transaction for accumulation of points.  

  Points can only be accumulated for purchases made within the same day. Back dated receipts are not valid for point accumulation

- There will be no accumulation of points for purchases made online, purchases made in consignment counters and in other countries

- We* reserves the right to omit, add or amend the PMC terms & conditions with no prior notice. Any new or amended terms & conditions, 

  Regardless, will always overwrite the existing ones

- We* reserves the right to suspend or terminate the programme at any time it deems necessary

- We* reserve the right to decline the issuance of the PMC at any time or terminate membership as when necessary without notice

- We* reserves the right to use and utilize the database information for PHB Group of Companies marketing purpose only

- Our* PMC members’ personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be exposed to any other third parties without member’s 

  prior approval 

- In the event where the membership expires more than 12 months and above, member shall apply for a new PMC at any of our Padini Concept  

  Stores operated by PHB. In the case of application for a new PMC, all the points accumulated from the expired card shall not be carried forward  

  to the new PMC and the points shall be null and void       


*We / Our – Padini Holdings Berhad (50202-A)



Email: ccr@padini.com


Tel: 603 5021 0600