Inspired by runway fashion, Padini takes your officewear to a whole new stylish level where your look is exciting and sophisticated while also professional and smart

The favourite brand for young executives between the ages of 25 to 35, Padini’s seasonal collections consist of workwear, smart casuals and all the right accessories to complete your look.


Each season brings a variety of office looks that is trendy and a notch above your regular shirt, tie and suit. For both ladies and men, Padini offers a wide choice of office staples but with stylish and modern details. Men will appreciate the vast styles of shirts, pants and suits while ladies will love to dress up in Padini’s quality suits, skirts and chic dresses that take them well into the after hours.


Modern and simple, these Padini choices will fit right into your existing workwear choices. In monochrome hues and basic patterns, each piece will complement your professional life, embedding a stylish element that is a breath of fresh air in the office.